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Félix Lamy meets press at Montréal Auto Show

INFINITI gave attendees of the 2017 Montreal International Auto Show (MIAS) press day a uniquely Canadian glimpse into its involvement with the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team.

The Canadian winner of the 2016 INFINITI Engineering Academy, Félix Lamy, returned to home soil from his engineering placement in the UK with INFINITI and the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team, to attend MIAS on January 19th. Félix, who hails from Gatineau, Quebec, is playing a key role during his placement in exploring crossover opportunities and the sharing of technology between INFINITI road cars and Renault Sport Formula One™ Team projects. Félix, with his fellow Academy engineers, has been meeting monthly to share the freshest thinking and brightest ideas between the production vehicle and motorsport industries.

INFINITI brings two key elements to the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team: expertise in the Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) through its Performance Hybrid technology, and an international diversity of top engineering talent, via the INFINITI Engineering Academy. “It was an honour to be chosen as the first Canadian winner of the INFINITI Engineering Academy, and I still have this surreal feeling two months into this dream-come-true-placement,” said Lamy. “INFINITI is doing something exceptional through its Engineering Academy. I’m at the forefront of automotive and motorsport engineering, and it’s been incredible learning about how the two worlds intersect.”


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