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Simulator Challenge with Nico H├╝lkenberg

The seven INFINITI Academy Engineers recently got their first high intensity taste of the incredible pressure to perform in Formula OneTM through a series of complex race and road car engineering challenges.

The first of these challenges began in a high tech simulator with Nico Hülkenberg, Renault Sport Formula OneTM Team driver, at the wheel.

Working with Nico and his Trackside engineer, Mark Slade, Academy Engineers Caitlin Bunt (USA), Felix Lamy (Canada), Sally Li (China), Riccardo Manfredini (Europe), Alexandros Palaiologos (Mexico), Jaden Partridge (Asia-Oceania), and Shihab Solaiman (UAE) were tasked with setting up Nico’s simulator race car; Nico drove each engineer’s set-up and offered feedback before a second and final set-up session was allowed.

However, there was a twist in the challenge. Upon entering the simulator room to complete their second and final set-up, the engineers were informed that the track conditions had changed drastically; the engineers now had to set the car up for the new conditions in a very short space of time.

Pressure enough to perform in front of piers and established Formula OneTM professionals. Further tension was added with the four fastest INFINITI Academy Engineers of this challenge winning team-engineering places to proceed to the next challenge in the series of ever more demanding trials. The final prize for winning the entire series can only be described as a motorsport engineer’s dream weekend.

For now, the four INFINITI Academy Engineers who completed the simulator set-up challenge with the most success, booking their engineering places on the next challenge, were Felix Lamy, Riccardo Manfredini, Alexandros Palaiologos, and Jaden Partridge.

Congratulations to the four winners who will now progress to the next exciting task, which features using INFINITI’s hybrid system for road cars.


Felix Lamy
Alexandros Palaiologos
Riccardo Manfredini
Jaden Partridge

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