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Jaden Partridge Bio

After becoming the first Australian winner of the Academy, Jaden will start work with the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team before carrying on his placement at INFINITI. He has spent time with his university's Formula SAE team and has gained invaluable experience during his three years there, as well as with the Australian Ford Series as a data engineer.

Region: Asia-Oceania

Name: Jaden Partridge

Age: 21

University: Queensland University of Technology

Degree: Engineering

From: Nundah, Brisbane, Australia

What is it about automotive and motorsport projects that ignites your engineering passion?

The automotive industry is experiencing a great change with the development of autonomous technology, and it will be extremely rewarding to be a part of this future challenge.

What has struck you from a personal and engineering point of view since you began your placement at INFINITI / Renault Sport Formula One Team?

I can tell already that this internship will not only provide me with technical details in Vehicle Dynamics which I desire, but it will also be a period of great personal growth.

Formula One is an extremely exclusive sport, however, I have found once you are inside, the level of information shared is incredible. There is a strong culture of collaboration and even with hundreds of employees, it still feels like a team.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years’ time, I look to be a race engineer with a renowned profile.  

Biggest positive impact in life?

My parents. Although they don’t have engineering backgrounds, they have supported me to pursue my dream of working at the pinnacle of motorsport technology.

Most looking forward to about living/working in the UK?

I look forward to being challenged through immersion in new technology and tight timelines.

Greatest Strength?

Persistence and drive to follow a passion.

LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn - Jaden

Jaden Partridge

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