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Riccardo Manfredini Bio

Riccardo has been a keen member of Formula SAE. He will begin the first six months of his placement at INFINITI Technical Center and will finish off at the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team.

Region: Europe

Name: Riccardo Manfredini

Age: 25

University: Brescia University

Degree: Aerodynamics Engineering for Motorsport

From: Brescia, Italy

What is it about automotive and motorsport projects that ignite your engineering passion?

I am really interested in new electric vehicle projects, because these vehicles hold the best technology available and allow great freedom in their design.

Motorsport projects, such as F1, are extreme in every sense and this is exceptionally challenging for me.

What has struck you from a personal and engineering point of view since you began your placement at INFINITI / Renault Sport Formula One Team?

I was surprised by the amount of tests performed at INFINITI Technical Center Europe, and by the inherent complexity of the development process of production cars.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My ultimate goal over the next few years is to help win the Formula One World Championship with the Renault Sport Formula One Team.

Biggest positive impact in life?

My family, girlfriend and friends all have a positive impact on my life.

Most looking forward to about living/working in the UK?

It is a unique opportunity to grow as a person, as an engineer, to meet new people and to work in a fascinating environment.

Greatest strength?


LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn - Riccardo


Riccardo Manfredini

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