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Caitlin Bunt Bio


Caitlin Bunt Bio - US – 2016 INFINITI Academy Engineer

Region: US

Name: Caitlin Bunt

Age: 24

University: Kettering University, Michigan (Undergraduate Degree) and Oxford Brookes University, UK (Master’s Degree)

Degree: Motorsport Engineering

From: Rockford, Illinois

Caitlin won the US Regional Final of the INFINITI Engineering Academy 2016. She has a passion for the automotive and Formula OneTM industry and is excited to start her year’s placement with the INFINITI Engineering Academy.

What is it about automotive and motorsport projects that ignites your engineering passion?

I like finding loopholes in regulations that allow for unique engineering solutions.

I enjoy being pushed to think creatively to come up with solutions that no other team has.

What has struck you from a personal and engineering point of view since you began your placement at INFINITI / Renault Sport Formula One Team?

I have been amazed by the incredible people that I am surrounded with at INFINITI. Their enthusiasm and support has been extremely helpful in my successful transition into the company.

From a technical standpoint, I was amazed at the efficiency of the manufacturing process at INFINITI.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as the head of a race strategy department of a top motorsport team. This role could come in the form of a technical director position.

Biggest positive impact in life?

My family has been the biggest influence in my lifelong progression toward a career in engineering. Their unwavering support and encouragement has positively influenced my personal and professional development.

Most looking forward to about living/working in the UK?

I am very excited to explore all of the historic cities in the UK. I am also looking forward to utilizing my unique skills and experiences to add meaningful contributions to both INFINITI and the Renault Sport Formula One Team.

Greatest strength?

While passion is abundantly necessary in this industry, my effective communication skills will set me apart and allow me to thrive.

LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn - Caitlin


Caitlin Bunt

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