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The INFINITI Engineering Academy is INFINITI’s global search for some of the best young engineers in the world to work across automotive and Formula 1™, on a unique 12-month placement.

Now in its fifth successive year, the Academy provides a money-can’t-buy, life-changing career opportunity for seven world-class students to learn from veteran engineers and play an active role in INFINITI’s technical partnership with Renault Sport Formula One™ Team.

For the 2018 edition, seven global regions will participate (Asia & Oceania, Canada, China, Europe (including Russia), Mexico, Middle East and United States), each offering one of the seven places available.

Please see below for the answers to many common questions relating to the INFINITI Engineering Academy:



When do applications open for 2018?

Applications for the 2018 edition of the Academy are due to open at 00:01 on 6 March 2018.

What is the deadline for applying to the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

The Academy is divided into seven regions; Canada, Europe, China, Asia & Oceania, USA, Mexico and Middle East.

The deadlines for each region are: 

  • Canada - 18 May

  • Europe – 1 June

  • Asia & Oceania – 6 July

  • USA – 27 August

  • Mexico – 10 August

  • Middle East – 5 October

  • China - 21 September

Who can apply for the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

Students who are residents, studying a relevant degree in one of the eligible regions or have graduated in the last 12 months and are eligible to work in the U.K. See Terms and Conditions for full promotion requirements.

How do I apply for this placement?

There is a two-step registration and application process available on the Academy website available online at academy.infiniti.com

Do I need a degree to apply for the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

You do not need to have finished your studies or received your degree, however you must already be studying a related degree to be eligible for the Academy. See Terms and Conditions for full promotion requirements.

I don’t see my country listed in the eligible regions, can I still apply?

Unfortunately the INFINITI Engineering Academy is not available in every country, although the Academy is growing every year and so hopefully your home country will be added in the future. To see the full list of eligible regions, please visit: https://academy.infiniti.com/static/downloads/IEA_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf

Do I have to reside in the list of eligible countries or can I be a citizen to apply?

To qualify for the Academy, you will need to be both a citizen of and reside in an eligible region. These two countries can be different; however, both must be included within the eligible countries listed within the full Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

Do I need to speak English to apply for the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

Yes, every stage of the Academy is administered in English. This is due to the working language of both placement locations (INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One™ Team) being English. Your CV must also be submitted in English to apply for the Academy.

Do I have to have a driving licence to apply to the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

No, a driving license is not a requirement of applying for the Academy. However, the ability to drive during the placement in the U.K. would certainly be beneficial.

If I graduate before the placement begins, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, graduates from the 12 months preceding the entry period are eligible to apply for the Academy.

How many phases are there to the application process?

There are five phases to the selection process:

1. Online Registration
2. Online Application
3. Completion of online suitability tests
4. Video conference interview
5. Assessment Event ‘The Final’

What is the selection process for the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

The selection process for the Engineering Academy has several steps and is highly competitive, given the number of applications received for just seven available places. Following an initial online application, the most appropriate candidates will be invited to complete an online suitability test, with the best performers being invited for interview via video conference. The top ten candidates in each region will then be invited to a 2-day assessment event at which a regional winner will be selected.

When will I hear back if I have successfully made it to the next stage?

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within two weeks of the end of the regional application period and asked to participate in a Skype interview. Those not contacted within two weeks of the end of the application period should assume that their application has not been taken forward on this occasion.

When does the Academy Final take place in my region?

The provisional dates for each of the Academy Finals are detailed below:

  • Canada - 6 & 7 June

  • Europe – 4 & 5 July

  • Asia & Oceania – 12 & 13 September

  • USA – 17 & 18 October

  • Mexico – 24 & 25 October

  • China - 7 & 8 November

  • Middle East – 21 & 22 November

How many people are accepted to the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

There are seven placements available with the Academy in 2018, one for each of the regions. Please see Terms and Conditions for full list of eligible countries.

What happens if I need a visa to live in the UK?

The Academy prize package includes support with obtaining a UK visa for the duration of the placement. This support includes all associated costs of visa applications. See Terms and Conditions for full promotion requirements. 

How will I get to the UK? How are travelling expenses handled?

The Academy prize package includes return travel to the UK from the winners’ home airport. Any approved additional expenses will be reimbursed by the promoter.

Where would I live if I win the Academy & will I receive help in finding accommodation?

Assistance with finding property in the UK is indeed offered, with the associated costs of the rent being covered by the promoter for the first two months of the placement.

When does the placement begin and how long does it last?

The Academy placement will take place throughout the 2019 calendar year, beginning in January 2019 and concluding in December 2019.

Is the placement paid – what is the salary?

The Academy does include a graduate level salary.

Am I required to pay fees for the placement?

There are no fees associated with the INFINITI Engineering Academy.

What training will I receive to assist me in my new role?

Proactive training and support throughout the Academy placement is of course paramount and each Academy winner is provided with a mentor, whilst monthly progress meetings take place with all Academy stakeholders. However, the INFINITI Engineering Academy placement is an important role working with both INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One Team™ and therefore the candidates selected will be chosen with their ability to contribute from the outset in-mind.

Where does the placement take place?

The placement is based in the United Kingdom, with some international travel potentially required.

Who can I contact if I have more questions on the INFINITI Engineering Academy?

Please contact the Academy using: iea@infiniti-gp.com