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Colorado School of Mines, USA

Sabre Cook

Region: USA

Age: 24

Degree: Bachelor’s of Science Mechanical Engineering

From: Grand Junction, Colorado


Favourite F1 circuit?

I’d have to say Spa and Monaco because of their history and meaning to the sport. I’ve been dreaming of seeing the spectacle that is Monaco since I was a kid. Spa also looks like an amazing track to drive and I hope one day I have the pleasure!


Favourite F1 Moment?

I’ve watched many amazing moments unfold on the television, but the most special for me was simply seeing and taking in my very first F1 GP in real life last year. It took place in Austin, TX where I competed in both my INFINITI Engineering Academy regional final and US F4 Finale Race. It was an overwhelmingly positive weekend in so many ways, and I will cherish the memory for many years to come


Biggest positive impact in your life?

I’ve been blessed to have a few in my life, though the most prominent are my family, God, the INFINITI Engineering Academy, and the many character-building lessons I’ve learned in my racing career


What do you miss most about home?

I certainly miss my dog, family, and friends the most. Second would be the mountains, Colorado sunshine, and my go-kart


How are you Engineered Differently?

I think my passion, perseverance, and obsession over perfection push me to strive for highest level of performance and instil an eagerness to learn in all areas of my life.