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MUAS Munich, Germany

Benedikt Helling

Region: Europe

Age: 25

Degree: B.Eng Design and Development (‘15) & M Sc. Automotive Engineering (‘19)

From: Iggingen


Favourite F1 circuit?

Circuit de Monaco


Favourite F1 Moment?

The spectacular rollover from Nico Hulkenberg in Abi Dhabi 2018


Biggest positive impact in your life?

The biggest positive impact in my life have been my family and my friends. They always give me the necessary motivation and the support to become a great engineer


What do you miss most about home?

The self-cooked food at home, my family, my friends and snow


How are you Engineered Differently?

I do my work in my own way, with my own thinking and try to get the best result with knowledge and skills